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The game takes place in a virtual Black Country Linguistics Museum and encompasses a series of levels allowing the player to learn about the history of the Black Country Dialect and heritage spanning over four time periods taking the player through the rich history of the Black Country. The player can solve puzzles based on the history and heritage accumulated within each level whilst finding out how the Black Country Dialect changed over time. The game has been created for all ages and is designed to provide knowledge about the Black Country Dialect, its history and heritage and the changes over the course of time.

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Information on the Simeon manuscript courtesy of Professor Wendy Scase, University of Birmingham


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HLF Web Based Game

Little big planet

This game has been created on Little Big Planet and is playable on a PlayStation 3 and 4.

Morph into Sackboy and join Professor Urszula on a journey through the industrial era of the Black Country, explore the past, present and future. This game is fast paste and you will need to undertake a number of tasks to help Professor Urszula when disaster strikes to rebuild your time machine… But where will your journey take you?


LBP Game