This documentary will take you on an interesting journey far and wide around the Black Country to help you find out why Black Country folk speak they way they do. People from the Black Country are not from Birmingham and speak in a different way and with a different accent and a different dialect! Why is this? The eminent Linguistics Professor Urszula Clark and Sally Hauge, the dialect coach for ‘Game Of Thrones’ and ‘Peaky Blinders’ will tell us the heritage of the dialect, how it developed, key influences & nuances as well as key distinctions between the Black Country Dialect and the neighbouring Birmingham accent.


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Enjoy moments where people from outside of the Black Country grapple with understanding the dialect right through to interviews with notable, well known faces from the media who discuss the impact of their accent on their careers.

The documentary will overturn negative perceptions that anyone may have held as we celebrate leading figures from a variety of sectors and disciplines who have made their mark over the ages.
Enjoy! Please do give us feedback.


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