If Yow Cor Understond This It’ll Gerron Yower Wick: Heritage of Black Country Dialect

This project has worked with young people, some of whom hail from the most marginalised communities around the Black Country. The project focused on the Black Country dialect as the heritage aspect and sought to chart the history and heritage of the dialect with key input from linguistic experts resulting in the production of an interactive DVD short film and playable game. Are you into playing games? Go to the darmowa gra book of ra. There is the best offer for you!

The project has worked with young people at all stages from; project idea, enquiry submission, project steering & management, budget management, administration, research, development & production to development finalisation, event & celebration coordination.

The interactive DVD includes interviews with local people (vox pops) both speaking in dialect and providing their views on the currency and reception of the dialect, interviews and input from local historians who will recount the origins and history of the dialect, key changes throughout time as well as discussing the negative reception of the dialect nationwide. It ends with a fun piece that has words/phrases being spoken in local dialect and the direct translation.

There is also a web based playable game which is freely available and allows the player to interpret and guess the word within an environment that provides the historical context of the dialect.

Both developments have been produced by young people with guidance and steer of industry experts. We worked with some of the most marginalised youngsters who were involved with all aspects of the project. They augmented a range of skills and developed new ones including soft, personal, life and technical skills which has all been accredited though an Expressive Arts ASDAN.

Below are selection of images from around the black country.
Can you guess where they are?