About The Project

If Yow Cor Understond This It'll Gerron Yower Wick: Heritage of Black Country Dialect

This project first came about in December 2014 when a young person called Shannon from the Black Country went to work and started talking in dialect to her colleagues. Many of the colleagues understood the dialect but those from outside of the Black Country could not understand much at all. Go to our website and get freespins. Hurry up to go and start winning.

This led to a debate as to the origins of the dialect right through to the negative perception often held by those outside of the Black Country.

Shannon explored the possibility of developing a project that sought to chart the origins of the dialect through the ages and to overturn the negative perceptions that people had of both the Black Country dialect and Black Country folk.

To this end, Shannon consulted with her peer group and found many were interested, intrigued and motivated to be a part of the project. With the help of LearnPlay Foundation a suitable match was found in the Heritage Lottery Young Roots Fund. Shannon and her colleagues submitted a personal statement alongside the full bid submission from LearnPlay Foundation and were over the moon to be awarded the project in May 2015. Stop waiting, join the game now with 10 euro bonus ohne einzahlung continuous luck and many victories await you!

The project has now been completed. Shannon and her peers are pleased to showcase the two products that they had applied to make – a playable web browser game and a full film documenting the dialect history, origins and thanks to some excellent contributions from some well-known faces around the Black Country, they hope they have been able to overturn some of the negative perceptions that people may have held of the dialect and Black Country folk.

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Follow Jonnie Cole (Black Country Radio DJ) as he travels far and wide to uncover the truth around why we talk the way we do. Join Jonnie in London as he finds out what peoples perceptions of the accent are and as he interviews Sally Hague, the dialect coach to actors from big hits such as ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Peaky Blinders’ to find out the differences between the dialect of the Black Country and their Brummie neighbours.

The dialects heritage has been explored in number of ways including listening to voice recordings held in the British Library achieves as well as an exploration as to where the language will be in years to come. See what you can learn by watching our film…


Little Big Planet

Morph into Sackboy and join Urszula on a journey through the industrial era of the Black Country, explore the past, present and future. Helping, jumping, running and learning at the same time. When disaster strikes you need to work with Urszula to rebuild your time machine. Where will your journey take you?

Web Based

Explore the history of the Black Country and its dialect through a series of levels dedicated to periods of the Black Country. Visit the Old language of the Middle Ages, all the way through to the Industrial revolution and learn about the impact on the Black Country. Solve puzzles and answer questions about information within the Museum of Black County Linguistic History and take a trip through time as you unlock new levels, and new time zones.